Frequently Asked Questions


Noni (botanical name Morinda Citrifolia) is the fruit of the Noni Tree and supplies the most abundant source of natural nutrients from any one food source. Noni is indigenous to many tropical places, and is certainly not new to mankind. It has been used for centuries by traditional healers that knew of the many health giving properties of this fruit. Due to the pungent odor and unpleasant taste of the fruit it was not willingly taken as a matter of course, but only used as a medicinal remedy for sickness and ailments. It was powerful and effective in these instances to help alleviate the symptoms and hasten the recovery from sickness and injury.


As with any foods grown the quality of the produce is directly related to the quality of the environment it is sourced from. Our Noni is sourced from its natural, unpolluted, wild-crafted habitats of the South Pacific Islands, where it grows in rich volcanic soils devoid of chemical fertilisers and toxic sprays. By keeping our processing close to traditional methods and with the help of modern facilities we strive to render the maximum potential from the fruit. It is pasturised to eliminate any unwanted organisms. Our aim is to bring the Noni to you in the most beneficial manner possible.


To date around 150 properties have been identified in the Noni Fruit. It is comprised of essential vitamins, minerals, alkaloids, trace elements and active enzymes. Noni is also a powerful antioxidant, meaning its ability to rid your body of toxins and free radicals that interfere with normal cell function. By providing our bodies with the correct nutrients and eliminating the toxins we are instrumental in boosting and sustaining and effective immune system. In building this defense mechanism such things as the current SARS outbreak need not be of grave concern to those that drink Noni.

A well nourished body will be strong and effective in maintaining a state of good health and fighting disease. Any health problems that manifest themselves were quite sometime in the making. We do not develop Diseases overnight ! Many commercially available nutrient supplements target specific areas of deficit, and should therefore be prescribed and monitored as medicines are to ensure appropriate dosage and effect. We may be doing more harm than good if we utilize the wrong nutrient supplements. Noni however is non-specific and will disperse its nutrients in response to the bodies requirements for those areas most in need first then distribute the nourishment to other areas.

There is no” MAGIC” element, the magic lies in the composition of the Noni’s nutrients working in synergy with our normal functions. This means they are all working together to compliment one another. The guess work is taken out of what to supplement, it is only a matter of how much Noni to drink as we are all in varying degrees of nutrient deficiency!


Questions often asked : Why do I need to supplement my food intake? – I have a balanced wholesome diet in the foods I eat ! Surely if I have been mindful in sourcing good food, I should stay healthy ? Perhaps something has happened to our food chain! Let’s take a look at what is available to us, how it is grown and prepared for our consumption. For many years now we have been using chemical fertilizers to increase the abundance of our crops, and chemical sprays to keep off unwanted pests.

What happens to these chemicals? We are consuming them in the foods we eat. The impact of these chemicals on our finely tuned digestive systems must surely be detrimental. As a result of excessive cropping coupled with the use of chemicals we have severely diminished the nutrient content in the soil and subsequent food source. With the ever increasing demand for fast and easy to prepare foodstuffs, we are also consuming greater quantities of processed foods, thus further decreasing the nutrient content of what we eat.

The best chance we have in the current scenario is to replace what is already lacking ( in many instances for some time) with a rich NATURAL nutrient. We are complex biological creatures whose function and well being is dependant on the nutrients we provide. On the day we were created so too were the foods we require, and the remedies to keep us alive and well. Noni is the ultimate most comprehensive natural nutrient that works in synergy with our processes to distribute the nutrients where required.


Recent nutritional studies have shown we are best to source and eat foods that are seasonal. In this way nature provides the appropriate nutrients for the variable climatic and environmental conditions that create different demands on our bodies. Noni is therefore a food we should have all year round! It has no season! Fruit ready to harvest, young fruit and blossoms are produced continuously on the same tree.

Maybe nature is trying to tell us something!! In my experience in dealing with the Noni I have witnessed its effectiveness in alleviating Diabetes (type2), Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Arthritic complaints, Digestive disorders, Pre-menstrual Syndrome (PMS), Allergies, Respiratory problems (including Asthma), Local skin infections and inflammations, High blood pressure, Skin disorders (eg; eczema and psoriasis), Headaches (including Migraines), Gout and High Cholesterol. In addition to this I have personally observed that Noni used as a topical application is very effective in hastening the healing time of skin abrasions and especially remarkable in healing BURNS.

I have also noted many times that skin abrasions treated with Noni heal quickly and without infection. The following list shows the many beneficial effects that have been reported and I have evidenced from people that drink Noni Juice.

  • Improvement in general well-being
  • More sustained energy
  • Clarity of thought
  • Better coping mechanisms
  • More tolerance
  • Ability to prioritise effectively
  • Enthusiasm
  • Better digestion and elimination function
  • • Feeling “normal” again
  • Better sleep
  • Utilizing time more efficiently
  • Improved skin tone
  • Healthier hair
  • Stronger nails
  • Increased Libido
  • Less prone to ailments
  • Faster recovery from sickness and injury


When taking NATURAL supplements and remedies our bodies need time for the nutrients to be effective. They work to make those areas that are deficit stronger by gathering the nutrients required. So depending on the amount of repair work to be done, as to how soon we realize the effect. As mentioned before we are all in varying degrees of nutrient deficiency. You need to commit to drinking Noni for 90 days at the start. This is in keeping with our body cycles. Every 90 to 100 days are blood cells are renewed. It also allows our systems time to take on board the nutrients were they are required. This period will indicate the amount of Noni that each person needs to sustain the ongoing benefits. As you to continue to drink Noni you will come to know what times you need more or less. At any stage in your life when you know you are putting extra demands on systems, be they mental, emotional or physical increase the amount to compensate for this. In the case of illness, injury or surgery, people have benefited from taking Noni in copious amounts.

It is at these times you will greatly benefit from the Noni’s healing power. 30mls on the hour, during waking hours is not excessive. (Cancer victims may drink as much 750mls per day initially). What amount do I need each day ? In our experience for people in general that do not have known health problems 30-60 mls daily is the average requirement in the long term. For people that are new to Noni we recommend that you follow our 90 day regime initially, to establish your individual needs. The best time to take Noni is on an empty stomach, as this increases the absorbency. First thing in the morning is recommended, or at least ten minutes before food. For people with known health issues the amounts will vary. In this instance your Noni supplier will be of assistance. A question often asked: “How long do I need to drink Noni ?” Answer: ” How often do you need to eat?” Noni is the most abundant source of nutrients in your diet!


For people on prescribed medicines or supplements, do not discontinue taking them. You may wish to inform your Health professional that you drink Noni. As has been the case in many instances for people on medication, after drinking Noni for a period of time the prescribed medicines may need to be reduced or are no longer deemed necessary. The Noni does not counteract medicines or other therapies, but rather enhances the repair work through providing the correct nutrients, and hastens the recovery. People have also reported that any side effects (eg; resultant through radiation and chemotherapy) from medicines or conventional therapies, have been markedly reduced or disappeared while drinking Noni. Noni is not an alternative therapy, it is a nutrient supplement.


Not all Noni is created equal! Our Noni comes from only the best sources in the world, to guarantee the maximum nutrient potency from the fruit. Life Health Noni is supplied exclusively from areas where it grows naturally in nutrient rich soils, free of chemical contamination and toxic fertilizers. Our processing methods are such to ensure that the end product is able to deliver the many health giving benefits that makes this fruit so remarkable. We are more than confident in saying that this is a 100% honest product!

We believe our Noni Juice to be the finest available anywhere in the world.