How Noni Juice Assists General Health:

For many people, an improvement in their general health has been attributed to taking Noni Juice on a daily basis. It may seem incredible that the juice harvested from one plant can assist to alleviate so many health ailments. Noni is a traditional food and medicine in many of the tropical areas of the world and ethnobotanical data is plentiful on the uses of the fruit, leaves and root of the plant.

Research suggests that Noni’s action includes purifying the blood, stimulating the immune system, regulating cell function, and regeneration of damaged cells. Noni is also an antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, anti-congestive and analgesic. It can help to restore and regulate the body’s pH balance and has the ability to assimilate nutrients, blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and endocrine system, particularly pineal, thyroid and thymus action. This may explain why it has been found useful in such a wide variety of ailments, being used to treat over 100 medical conditions.

Based on clinical practice and animal studies, a polysaccharide-rich substance from noni fruit juice attacks abnormal cells in the body in several different ways. Noni juice acts indirectly against abnormal growths, primarily through immunostimulatory effects.

The Effects of Taking Noni:

Most people report an increase in energy levels and general well-being after only a few weeks of taking Noni. Noni is packed with compounds that have been scientifically proven to have a great deal of efficacy against a myriad of diseases. This tropical herb is a credible source of relief from many, many ailments.

Taking Noni juice on a daily basis has shown effectiveness in alleviating diabetes type 2, chronic fatigue syndrome, arthritic pain, digestive disorders, pre-menstrual syndrome, allergies, respiratory problems including asthma, local skin infections and inflammations, high blood pressure, skin disorders including eczema and psoriasis, headaches including migraines, gout, and high cholesterol.

In addition to this, Noni used as a topical application is very effective in hastening the healing time of skin abrasions and especially remarkable in healing burns quickly and without infection. The following list shows the many comments received of the beneficial effects that have been reported by regularly taking Noni juice.

*Improvement in general well-being
*More energy
*Clarity of thought
*Better coping mechanisms
*More tolerance
*Ability to prioritize effectively
*Better digestion and elimination function
*Feeling “normal” again
*Better sleep
*Utilizing time more efficiently
*Improved skin tone
*Healthier hair
*Stronger nails
*Increased libido
*Less prone to ailments
*Faster recovery from sickness or injuries

As our well-being improves, so does our zest for life, and our ability to prioritize and cope effectively with the pressures of daily living. This has positive outcomes in being more contented and getting the most out of every day. These benefits are repercussive to everyone and everything we encounter.

Our Food Chain:

For many years now we have been using chemical fertilizers to increase the abundance of our crops, and chemical sprays to keep off unwanted pests. What happens to these chemicals? We are consuming them in the foods we eat. The impact of these chemicals on our finely tuned digestive systems must surely be detrimental.

As a result of excessive cropping coupled with the use of chemicals we have severely diminished the nutrient content in the soil and subsequent food source. With the ever increasing demand for fast and easy to prepare foodstuffs, we are also consuming greater quantities of processed foods, thus further decreasing the nutrient content of what we eat.
The best chance we have in the current scenario is to replace what is already lacking, in many instances for some time, with a rich natural nutrient. We are complex biological creatures whose function and well being is dependant on the nutrients we provide to our body. Noni is the ultimate, most comprehensive natural nutrient that works in synergy with our processes to distribute the nutrients where required.

To date around 150 properties have been identified in the Noni Fruit. It is comprised of essential vitamins, minerals, alkaloids, trace elements and active enzymes. Noni is also a powerful antioxidant, meaning it has the ability to rid your body of toxins and free radicals that interfere with normal cell function.

By providing our bodies with the correct nutrients and eliminating the toxins we are instrumental in boosting and sustaining an effective immune system. A well nourished body will be strong and effective in maintaining a state of good health and fighting disease. Any health problems that manifest themselves are quite sometime in the making. We do not develop diseases overnight! Noni is non-specific and will disperse its nutrients in response to the bodies’ requirements for those areas most in need first then distribute the nourishment to other areas. There is no” MAGIC” element, the magic lies in the composition of the Noni’s nutrients working in synergy with our normal functions.

The FIRST REQUIREMENT of a good life is to be HEALTHY!