Noni and Ageing

The anti-aging medical community believes that, as we age, our rate of diminished function is not inevitable. They advocate compensating for the body’s declining capabilities with lifestyle changes and nutritional supplementation targeted at optimum health for prolonged mental and physical capabilities. Knowing how and why our body changes with age will help us discourage alterations in cell, tissue, and organ function that slow us down.
Since it’s not possible in this article to describe every alteration aging has in store, we’ve decided to concentrate on the major body changes that we may be able to delay — or even prevent — by living a healthy lifestyle, especially by eating right.

The aging process can effect two areas of the body – health and looks, and in most cases one aspect of aging can effect both. For instance, exposure to too much sun can cause wrinkles and age spots (looks) and cause skin cancer (health).

There are foods that will help your body fight the damage caused by aging. If you can include them into your daily and weekly meal plans, you will absorb vitamins , antioxidants and other nutrients that will help the body to fight age-related illness and improve skin tone.


Dr. Mark Stibich of the USA lists his ‘Top 10’ foods to include in our diet.

1. Avocados – have healthy fats to help improve cholesterol.
2. Walnuts – a handful of walnuts each day is all we need for our Omega-3 essential fatty acid intake.
3. Green vegetables – if everyone ate their 5 or more servings per day, there would be a dramatic decrease in heart disease, cancer and high blood pressure. Try to work towards increasing to 9 servings per day.
4. Water – water is good for us, and is the most pure drink we can take. Aim to make water your primary drink – no added sugar, no calories, no chemical additives.
5. Berries – berries are full of anti-oxidants and other nutrients that can repair the damage done by aging.
6. Green tea – has been a longevity beverage in Asia for thousands of years.
7. Red wine – contains a substance called reversatrol that assists the body to fight age-related illnesses.
8. Beans – are a great source of healthy protein and antioxidants.
9. Melons – are pulpy and contain lots of vitamins for our body.
10. Chocolate – dark chocolate is good for us because it has a balance of fats and healthy chemicals that our body needs. On the negative side, it also contains calories, but if we limit ourself to one square per day, we will get the benefits without the weight gain.

Along with diet, exercise is one of the best anti-aging activities we can do. Even in older years, people who exercise regularly have fewer health problems. Try to encompass the four exercise regimes into your exercise plan: strength, cardio, flexibility and balance.

Stress will increase the aging process. Learn to relax and remove the stress in your life. As simple as it sounds, breathing exercises are the best way to remove stress, so investigate various breathing techniques. Incorporating meditation or a daily breathing and relaxation session into your daily schedule will improve long term health.

Adequate sleep is an essential component of a healthy body. Your body works hard while you sleep at maintenance and repairing itself, so if you’re denying your body sleep, problems can arise. Adequate sleep every night helps your body stay young.

Toxic Substances:
It may seem too simple to state, but avoid ingesting toxic substances – they age you at an alarming rate. These include smoking cigarettes, drugs, excessive alcohol intake, careless use of garden sprays or household cleaners, some additives in pre-packaged foods, even cookware such as aluminium pots.

Nutritional Supplements:
David and Patti Macer-Wright have written an excellent book “Getting the Best Out of Life”. They believe that anybody can live a fit, healthy and useful life to 120 years + by adopting a healthy lifestyle, having a good diet and taking a number of important dietary supplements.

Their advice is to do the research on various supplements and start with adding one or two to your diet. Make adjustments as you go, and add as many supplements as you feel you need – after you research thoroughly. What suits one person may not suit another.

It will require patience and perseverance to arrive at the right balance of supplements and dosage for yourself, but the benefits to be gained are huge. David and Patti’s book can be downloaded as a free e-book on this website.

Aging and Noni Juice:
To live a full, healthy and active life, one needs to be free from illness and disease. While it’s never too late to change and make improvements to our diet and lifestyle, why wait until illness or disease strikes us before making those changes.

Imagine growing into advancing years without aches, pain and illness, to have abundant energy and be free to pursue hobbies and be an active and contributing family and community member.

The most important aspect of prime health is a very high immune system. Life Health Noni Juice has a vast nutritional compound content that is essential for a healthy functioning body. The body is expert at healing itself, but that ability to heal and regenerate itself is dependant on what you put into your body. The Noni plant contains a greater quantity of nutrients than any other known fruit and allows the body to heal itself of all manner of ills it may develop.

Taking a daily dose of Noni Juice also increases the ability of our cells to absorb and utilise vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. It contains a number of enzymes and alkaloids that play a pivotal role in good health.

Taking a daily dose of Noni Juice in isolation while continuing to live an unhealthy lifestyle will not be the “magic bullet” to good health. But, if you can slowly start to make healthy changes to your life, and include Noni in your daily regime, then changes will follow, and the improvements in your health and well-being will flow.

Living a healthy, fit and active life well into advancing years is within the reach of all of us, and the sooner we make changes to our nutritional intake and lifestyle, the sooner we can achieve this goal. Your daily shot of Noni Juice will work towards the miracle of the human body to regenerate itself.