Noni and the Immune System

Inside our body is an amazing protection mechanism called the immune system. It is designed to defend us against millions of bacteria, microbes, viruses, toxins and parasites that would love to invade our body.

An immune system is a collection of mechanisms within an organism that protects against disease by identifying and killing pathogens and tumour cells. It detects a wide variety of agents from viruses to parasitic worms, and distinguishes them from the organisms own healthy cells and tissues in order to function properly. Detection is complicated as pathogens adapt and evolve new ways to successfully infect the host organism.

When something dies, the immune system, along with everything else, shuts down. In a matter of hours, the body is invaded by all sorts of bacteria, microbes, parasites etc. None of these things are able to get in while our immune system is working, but the moment our immune system shuts down, the door is wide open.

The immune system is complex and interesting. Our immune system works around the clock, in thousands of largely unnoticed ways. It comes to our notice when it stops working, or when it does something that has a side effect we can see or feel. When we get a cut, bacteria and viruses enter our body and our immune system goes to work to eliminate the invaders and heal the skin. We inhale thousands of airborne germs every day. Our immune system deals with all of these, usually without a problem. Occasionally a germ gets past the immune system and the cut becomes infected or we catch a cold. The infected cut or cold or flu is a visible sign that our immune system failed to stop the germ. The fact that the cut heals and we recover from our cold is a visible sign that our immune system is able to eliminate the invader.

When our immune system is sluggish, works at less than full capacity or breaks down altogether, we get sick. The disease could take the form of a vitamin or mineral deficiency, organ degradation, diabetes, cancer or a viral or bacterial infection, to name just a few.

Components of the Immune System:

There are many parts of the immune system. The most visible is the skin. It acts as a primary boundary between germs and our body. Part of our skins job is to act as a barrier in much the same way we use plastic wrap to protect food. Skin is tough and generally impermeable to bacteria and viruses.
Our nose, mouth and eyes are also entry points for germs. Tears and mucus contain an enzyme called lysozyme that breaks down the cell wall of many bacteria, and saliva is also anti-bacterial. Once inside the body, a germ deals with the immune system at a different level. The major components of the immune systems are:

  • Thymus
  • Spleen
  • Lymph system
  • Bone marrow
  • White blood cells
  • Antibodies
  • Complement cells
  • Hormones

When the Immune System Breaks Down:

When the immune system breaks down it leaves the body susceptible to an array of diseases. Allergies and hyper-sensitivity to certain substances are considered immune system disorders. Other examples include auto-immune diseases such as juvenile diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and anemia.

Man-made drugs may alleviate pain and symptoms from many ailments, but the side effects of those drugs are often as bad as or worse than the original disease. Drug companies and doctors freely admit prescribed drugs have side effects – they weigh up whether the ‘cure’ is worse than the disease.

Noni and the Immune System:

The best protection we can offer our body is to support and nourish the immune system before it weakens, becomes sluggish or breaks down altogether. Our body needs essential nutrients for it to function at peak performance. Taking a daily dose of Life Health 100% organic Noni Juice provides the body with a natural “power pack” of the essential vitamins, mineral and nutrients that our immune system needs to protect us.

Research has shown that the chemical constituents of Noni juice assist in immune system modulation, increase energy, help with insomnia, relieve joint pain, help sprains and athletic injuries, give routine pain relief and help inflammation, help in the fight against cancer, improves skin condition, assists with hypertension, helps diabetes, lowers blood fat and assist cholesterol, helps gut and bowel remedies such as constipation and irregularity.

Whether we need to support our immune system to strengthen it to fight an existing disease, or support it to stay healthy, a daily dose of Life Health Noni Juice improves and assists the immune system in its fight to keep us in good health.