Noni Fruit: What Is It?

Morinda Citrifolia is a shrub or small tree in the family Rubiaceae. Morinda Citrifolia is a native of Southeast Asia but has been extensively spread by man throughout India and into the Pacific Islands.

Noni grows in shady forests as well as on open rocky or sandy shores. It is tolerant of saline soils, drought conditions and secondary soils, and is therefore found in a wide variety of habitats from volcanic terrains to lava-strewn coasts to limestone outcrops.

The shrub grows up to 7m tall and has large dark green leaves. The plant fruits all year round, with small white flowers that develop into a bumpy, pitted fruit several inches long. Upon ripening, Noni’s yellow skin thins and becomes translucent and an offensive odour develops.

The History of Noni.

Noni was first discovered and used by man long before recorded history in South Asia and the subcontinent, when ancient Indian scientists began examining the world to find plants good not only for food, but to treat disease and ill health. Noni was noted to be a balancing agent, stabilising mankind in perfect health.

Traditional Uses of Noni.

Noni was more widely used than any other medicinal plant until European medicine became widespread, and is documented as a common medicine around the world in numerous cultures. Noni is one of the Pacific’s most important plants, with the roots, bark, buds and fruit used to treat a wide range of health problems.

Noni Benefits & Nutrients.

To date around 150 properties have been identified in the Noni Fruit. It is comprised of essential vitamins, minerals, alkaloids, trace elements and active enzymes. Noni is a powerful anti-oxidant with the ability to rid the body of toxins and free radicals that interfere with normal cell function.

By providing the body with the correct nutrients and eliminating toxins, Noni is instrumental in boosting and sustaining an effective immune system. A well-nourished body is strong and effective in maintaining a state of good health for fighting disease.

Why Take a Supplement?

For many years, chemical fertilisers and sprays have been used in agriculture to increase yield and deter pests. These sprays are often ingested into the body through the food we eat, harming the body’s finely tuned digestive system.

As a result of extensive cropping with the use of chemicals, the nutrient content of the soil is severely diminished. With the ever increasing demand for fast and easy food, we are consuming greater quantities of processed foods, thus decreasing the nutrient content of the food we eat. Noni is the ultimate comprehensive nutrient that works in synergy with the body’s processes to distribute the nutrients where required. Noni can be effective in:-

– Improvement in general well being
– More sustained energy
– Clarity of thought
– Improved digestion
– Improved skin tone

and is effective in alleviating the symptoms of:

– Diabetes
– Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
– Arthritic complaints
– Digestive disorders
– Respiratory problems
– Skin infections
– High blood pressure
– Headache

As our well-being improves, so does our zest for life, and our ability to prioritize and cope effectively with the pressures of daily living. This has positive outcomes in being more contented and getting the most out of every day. These benefits are repercussive to everyone and everything we encounter.

The FIRST REQUIREMENT of a good life is to be HEALTHY!

By drinking Noni we are on the right path to achieve this.