Noni Juice and Pets

Taking a daily dose of Noni Juice is as beneficial to pets as it is to humans. Adding Noni Juice to the food of dogs, cats and other animals has been shown to strengthen an animals immune system.
As pets age, they experience the same kinds of health problems as humans. These can range from the usual ageing conditions such as aches and pains and diminished athletic ability to disease and illness such as arthritis, cancer, diabetes, degenerative diseases, infections and injuries.

In addition, the average pet diet is usually comprised of low quality ingredients, many of which are rejects from the human food chain – or worse. A low quality diet compromises a pet’s immune system and lessens the ability to fight illness and disease.

Veterinarians who incorporate traditional and holistic animal medicine recommend a daily dose of Noni Juice to assist in the treatment of viral infections, worms, digestive disorders, food allergies, broken bones, recovery from surgery, and arthritis to name just a few. Veterinarians have experienced tremendous success using noni in treating pain, inflammation and as an anthelmintic or ridding animals of worms. The use of noni obviates the need for pharmaceutical muscle relaxants, anti-inflammatory and steroids. Noni enhances an animals immune system, joint health, circulation, digestion, and various skin conditions.
Noni Juice can be added to the diet of dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, pet mice and larger animals such as horses and cows to strengthen and support the immune system, assist in cell regeneration, boost nutrient uptake, offer digestive support and increase energy.

How Much Noni Should I Give My Pet?

Dogs & Cats:
1kg – 4kg: 5ml -20ml per day
5kg – 10kg: 20ml – 50ml per day
11kg – 20kg: 50ml – 70ml per day
20kg and above: 70ml – 90ml per day

Small Pets: Birds, hamsters, pet mice, gerbils.
Between 5 and 15 drops per day.

Large Animals:
Start with between 20ml and 100ml per day and give an extra 15ml per 20kg of weight over 100kg.