Noni Juice and Pregnancy

We are often asked if taking Noni during pregnancy is safe or advisable. As far as we can ascertain, there have been no scientific or clinical studies on taking Noni during pregnancy.
There is plenty of anecdotal evidence both in favour of taking Noni during pregnancy and against the practice, so what is the answer? If you are pregnant and do your research on the internet, you’re just as likely to be as confused at the end as when you started.

Noni History:

Noni is one of a number of medicinal plants that have been widely used in Asia and the Pacific for thousands of years. Pre-European Polynesian people generally enjoyed good health, without the influence of many “western” type diseases and illnesses, so in pre-European times, Noni was mainly used for problems associated with pregnancy, childbirth and aging, as well as for first-aid.

Today, doctors train for many years in Universities to gain the knowledge required to diagnose illness and treat people, but in every society there has always been the select few who learn the secret knowledge that enables them to become healers. Ancient healers were considered wise in matters of spirituality, philosophy, education and medicine. The practice of healing was considered a sacred occupation and was guarded from common use.

Unfortunately little is known today about the full range of herbal medicine used by the people of Polynesia. Much of the accumulated wisdom associated with local medicine was passed on by word of mouth for young apprentices to carry on. As Western diseases became epidemics and swept through the region, much valuable knowledge died with the experts who held it before they could pass it on.

Should I take Noni When Pregnant or Breastfeeding?

Until scientific or clinical studies can prove conclusively that Noni is safe to take during pregnancy, the answer to this question has to be a matter of common sense.

If a daily dose of Noni has been a part of your health maintenance for some time, and your body is accustomed to it, then after consulting with your health professional, we would recommend you continue.

If, however, you are new to Noni and, recognizing its health benefits, want to begin taking it during pregnancy, we would recommend waiting the short time until after your baby is born before you begin.

Noni is extremely beneficial to your digestive system in that it loosens the bowels and is effective in eliminating waste from the intestines. This can result in very loose bowel motions, and on the rare occasion can result in an upset stomach in some people – not a good situation if you are pregnant.

The well-being of your unborn child is paramount in deciding what your oral intake is during pregnancy. The lifelong benefits of taking Noni juice will not suffer from a short “sabbatical” of abstinence during pregnancy.

Noni has so many advantageous health properties that we can not afford to ignore the significant benefits that taking a daily dose gives our bodies, not only for specific ailments, but for general health management and as a preventative measure.

This article should not be seen as a substitute for seeking medical advice from a health professional. If in doubt at all, please consult your GP or other competent medical professional.