Quality Assurance Programme

1) Our traditional growers are fully trained and experienced in the art of choosing only the perfectly ripened fruits for processing. Making Noni juice is a time honored tradition in the Pacific islands.

2) The ripe fruit is fermented in barrels for 60 to 90 days. This process is left to the island people themselves as their lifestyle allows them the luxury of time richness.

“Brix” level testing has found this to be optimum time frame, but this can also vary from island to island. The pulp is then gently pressed to extract the juice. A course mesh is used to enable all the puree to be extracted. Like fine wine, this process cannot be shortened for pecuniary gain. The full potential of the product must be realized.

3) All our gardens are certified Organic. This lengthy process has been three years in the making. The active elements within the fruit can be easily destroyed through chemical fertilization and pesticide sprays. All our fruits are harvested from trees that are grown in their natural organic environment.

4) The raw juice is shipped from the islands to NZ in barrels or bladders which incorporate special “breathers” to keep the “live” elements within the product in a stable state.

5) There is no need for elaborate scientific formulas, which few people can really appreciate, to describe the process of making Noni juice. Our juice is simply manufactured the same manner as the Polynesian people have done it for centuries, but using today’s hygiene and manufacturing standards to preserve the active ingredients for a far greater period. Nothing in this process needs to be hidden under the guise of complicated scientific specifications.

6) The processing and bottling plant here in NZ is certified by BioGro to the world standards of food processing. BioGro is a certified quality control company, specializing in the certification of all exported food products from NZ.

We are very mindful of the results that some manufacturers obtain through “In House” analyses, so we use only independent outside suitably qualified and registered laboratories for all our procedures.

7) Our juice is pasteurized and hot bottled to preserve all the natural ingredients within the product. Nothing else is added to our juice. Our juice is 100% pure Organic Noni Juice.

Consumers can add anything they like for enhanced flavoring, but most serious drinkers become accustomed to the slightly bitter natural flavor. We only recommend the use of natural berry juices high in antioxidants like; blackcurrant, blueberry and raspberry as suitable flavoring additives.

8) All our bottling batches are tested by independent laboratories and the relevant paperwork is included with each shipment. We are committed to these high standards of quality and believe it is the right of our valued customers to receive this service for a product which is consumed for its remarkable health giving properties, and can so easily be compromised by incorrect procedures at any stage.

9) With our sophisticated QC program in place we are able to document our product through the entire process. There are many suppliers of Noni juice worldwide, but very few can lay claim to such a tracking system. See the Flow Chart for Life Health Ltd.

Only reputable Noni suppliers will have a quality system in place to ensure the optimum nutrient content in each bottle.

Remember!! Not all Noni juices are equal.

Many people are marketing Noni for the wrong reasons. This “gift from nature” should be shared and readily available to all mankind. There is an obligation, for those of us in the business to educate and inform the public on the wonderful health benefits and subsequent lifestyle improvements that are readily obtained through drinking the Noni.

It is apparent that too many companies simply add Noni to their product range without investing in the training and infrastructure necessary to enlighten people of the benefits.

Marketing the Noni should reflect a responsibility and duty to help others.

It is evident that a large number of Noni suppliers are simply “riding on the back” of those who have spent the time and resources to educate the public and make the Noni an accessible product.

The only real proof in the benefits and potency of the juice is through drinking it and experiencing the results first hand.

You may be tempted to try cheaper versions and in doing so will realize the difference that quality control makes to the effectiveness of the end product.

We are constantly striving to understand exactly how the Noni works.

The most qualified endorsement to date is the hundreds of thousands of committed Noni users worldwide.