Conventional Therapies

Drugs or medicines will serve to alleviate the pain or the symptoms for the identified illness if the treatment is correct, but will not necessarily stop the problem from recurring. We all know of cases, perhaps even ourselves, when we have consulted a medical practitioner for a specific health problem and have gone back repeatedly as the prescribed treatment is not working. How many times have we had a flu or a virus that won’t go away?

Why? Because we are not replacing what our bodies are lacking but expecting the drugs (with no nutrients) to make us well!

This is very evident in the cases where antibiotics are used to treat infections that do not respond, to course after course of different antibiotics. When taking antibiotics we actually by- pass our own immune system and they take over the job of trying to combat the invasion. Our immune system does not have the opportunity to gather its own strength, leaving us open to repeated breakdowns.

In the case of Chemotherapy and or Radiation Therapy for Cancer victims. After 50yrs of utilizing these methods there is still only a 3% success rate in curing the disease. The “cure” being measured if a person does not have a relapse within 5 -10 YEARS!!! After that your time is up or the treatment may be started all over again. The costs incurred for these treatments are phenomenal, not to mention the horrendous side- effects that generally cause other problems to our systems, requiring more drugs and treatments.

George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950) had this to say,


There is at the bottom only one genuine scientific treatment for all diseases and that is to stimulate the phagocytes (immune system).